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About Me

Over 20 years experience working with a wide range of people across the NHS, including Leadership and Coaching


Hi there! I’m Claire

I have more than 20 years experience working with a large cross section of the population through my time in the NHS.


I'm a senior leader, a life coach and an executive & senior leader coach

As an Executive Coach combined with my experience as a Life Coach, I can offer natural curiosity and powerful questions that explore not only your actions but also your mindset and feelings.


I use my significant experience in Healthcare context to support you to explore your strengths and how to work them into your day (rather than focusing on what you’re not doing well), explore how to achieve your goals in ways you may not have thought about and provide deep listening to really get to the root cause of your concerns.


My coaching style is deep, challenging and respectful.

I’m a multi-passionate person strongly tuned into my intuition and highly adaptable. People instinctively find me to talk things through and continue to work with me time and time again.

This is because I love to find out what makes you unique and then apply coaching to your uniqueness. Putting myself into your shoes but from an objective position allows me to target my clear sightedness and insights to help you move forwards. You won’t find a ‘one size fits all’ approach with me.

I’m skilled at spotting patterns you didn’t notice yourself and apply my strategic approach to guide you in looking at alternative options you may not have thought possible.

Previous clients have reported continued gains months and years after working with me. 

My unique offer of leadership and life coaching will ensure you develop as a leader and create a more balanced life.

I have a variety of experiences to bring to our coaching relationship from working alongside a wide variety of people and being a multi-passionate person – which means I’m constantly learning and developing lots of different things.

I can often be found out in nature picking up interesting stones or feathers, walking through grass barefoot, or sky gazing at the clouds or the moon. I'm not your typical leadership coach, but I'm no less focused on your needs!

I have an inner knowingness that I bring to our coaching relationship through allowing myself to pause and breathe and this is what I encourage in you when we work together so that you can get to know yourself again.


Pausing brings so much clarity.

I like to work in the space in between the conscious and unconscious (liminal) to bring out your best qualities and enhance your knowledge of the real you.

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East Midlands, United Kingdom

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