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Do inspirational quotes work for you?

I'm sure you have your favourite quote that brings you a sense of purpose or determination. Most retailers have picked up on our desire to live by powerful words and have turned it into a money making scheme, plastering words over clothes, cushions, posters.

I actually don't have any quotes on display anywhere in my home or elsewhere because I think the words diminish in meaning each time I look at them - as in I stop seeing them. 

I also believe you can outgrow quotes. A quote that's impactful and full of meaning right now might not serve you in 6 months time.

Do you have quotes you use to keep you going, when you need a dose of inspiration? Let me know what your favourite is. 

Most recently, I found myself using a quote several times whilst  supporting my team. Was it inspirational? A little. Did it inspire a different action? Oh yes! Did it take them back a little? Definitely. Have I heard my team using it away from our time together? Yes!  

Can you guess what the quote is? 

It was 'what's  the worst that can happen?' I suppose its more of a slogan than a quote and I thank Dr Pepper's  advertising for sticking in my brain!

I know you're probably wondering why this quote is making its way around my team. And why I'm  emailing you about it. On its own its really not much of a quote, but it has inspired change. Real behavioural change. 

I've seen people get worked up or paralysed by simple tasks that they become afraid to execute them. Afraid of getting something wrong. Afraid of how it will be received. Afraid of using initiative and skills they already have. Afraid of letting themselves down and therefore giving away their power to someone else to make the decision.

So we instigated the Dr Pepper challenge. Everytime they feel that familiar fear creep up, they ask themselves 'what would Dr Pepper do? Whats the worst that could happen?'. It provides a circuit break through that fear. It helps you to realistically check what the worst thing is and what the chances are of that happening. It provides a chance for quick reflection too.

And by asking this question, my team have grown in self-sufficiency. The requests for me to check over their work has dramatically reduced. My team have taken back their power and now our conversations are full of value and real problem solving.

Check back to your favourite quote. Does it give you what you need it to, or do you need to go quote shopping?

And let me know how the Dr Pepper challenge works for you! I'd  love to hear your success with it.

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