The Dark Forest is a step into the unknown, to find out who you are and what path you want to take once you reach the other side.


How do you see yourself? How well do you weather the storm? How do you feel about yourself at nightfall? How open are you to stepping out into the clearing and creating a new direction for yourself? How much magic do you invite into your life?


This 6 module journey (with a bonus 7th module to hold yourself to account) will shape your knowledge of your inner self and provide you with clarity and accountability for taking steps forwards.


Each module should take you 1 week to work through and complete the tasks. The 7th module should be completed 30 days after you finish module 6.


Are you ready to take your first step?

The Dark Forest

  • This digital download will arrive as a .zip document.

    Once you have opened the .zip you will find 7 PDF documents which contain the content of each module.

    You will need a PDF viewer installed to view the content.

    You will have access to download the document for up to 30 days after purchase.

  • This digital download contains the entire content in one folder. Therefore there are no refunds available on this product.